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TRAINING COURSE – Andersson Technologies LLC SynthEyes™ Pro

SynthEyes2011Target Group

This training is aimed at all groups of users, who need to install 3D elements into live action, or need a 3D camera for a compositing in Adobe's After Effects and The Foundry Nuke.


Learn the basics of MatchMoving and get to know what you already have to keep in mind at a shooting in order to get a good starting material for your further production. Moreover, you learn to use SynthEyes and get to understand the underlying technology. Of course, you will work practice-oriented on various types of footage.

The Training can be held for two or three days. Depending on the desired target software (Maxon Cinema 4D, Maya Autodesk, The Foundry Nuke and Adobe After Effects), the training will be specifically designed. Keep in mind: The more time available, the greater the learning success!


  • User-interface
  • First Steps
  • Basics of MatchMoving
  • Automatic Tracking
  • Image Preprocessing for problematic shots
  • Lens Workflow / Working with Lens Distortion
  • Manual Tracking / Supervised Tracking
  • OffsetTracking
  • Cleaning up tracks
  • Geometry in SynthEyes
  • Object Tracking with moving cameras and objects
  • Building a robust coordinate system
  • Constraints
  • Stabilization
  • Texture Extraction
  • Creating panoramic images
  • Workflow: Stereo tracking
  • Exchange with the 3D solution
  • Best practice

Training Requests

All training contents will be adapted to your individual needs. A free analysis is the basis of a successful learning. Therefore take the chance and feel free to contact us. After a first talk on the phone, we create an individualized plan according to the goals you wish to achieve.

If you are interested in a training by pixeltrain / Helge Maus, you can reach us by phone +43.699.10669979 or email info(at) We will contact you as soon as possible for an informal talk.

Besides the training, we also provide a detailed, free advice before you buy a package, as well as consulting and project support during a production.




SynthEyes Pro is a very powerful yet cost-effective solution for Camera Tracking ("MatchMoving") and stabilization. It also makes it possible to calculate the movement of the camera while shooting the video footage and make it accessible to a 3D or compositing program. Afterwards, you can insert 3D elements. SynthEyes was also used in many Hollywood productions. A list of customers can be found here SynthEyes Clients.

Whether you work in film, the field of VFX or as an architect or photographer and get the task to integrate 3D objects seamlessly into a moving film material, then SynthEyes Pro 1702 is the perfect solution!