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TRAINING COURSE – Corona for Cinema 4D

Target Group

This training is aimed at 3D artists and productions who need to create photorealistic visualizations and animations in Cinema 4D. This may be product design, architecture, interior architecture or technical animation. Corona is excellently integrated, has a fast global illumination that is "flickerfree" in animations, has a physical camera with DOF, MotionBlur, Bokeh, Bloom and Glare, supports TeamRender and even almost all Cinema 4D shaders like Noises, Layers and Surfaces. The work in the look development is done completely in the Corona VFB (interactive rendering), therefore you get immediate feedback.


In this training you will learn how to transition from Cinema 4D Physical Renderer or VRAY for Cinema 4D to Corona and how to use Corona in all areas of your photorealistic visualization.



Training Requests

All training contents will be adapted to your individual needs. A free analysis is the basis of a successful learning. Therefore take the chance and feel free to contact us. After a first talk on the phone, we create an individualized plan according to the goals you wish to achieve.

If you are interested in a training by pixeltrain / Helge Maus, you can reach us by phone +43.699.10669979 or email info(at) We will contact you as soon as possible for an informal talk.

In addition to trainings we also offer detailed advice before buying this software, consulting and project support during a production.



Corona is a photorealistic renderer that has been available for Cinema 4D for some time. It can work biased and un-biased progressively and runs highly-optimized on the CPU, making it suitable for both Mac and PC.

Corona can handle most Cinema 4D shaders, including MoGraph and of course the C4D Noises. When switching, the automatic internal conversion of Cinema 4D materials and lights helps. Corona is extremely artist-friendly because it is easy to use and produces very quickly extremely photo-realistic renderings. In addition, Cinema 4D Hair is also supported. TeamRender is supported as well as an advanced denoising system.


About Corona: 

Some Render-Examples: