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pixeltrain - we train professionals

pixeltrain is a provider of high-quality corporate trainings for 3D, VFX and Animation.

For more than 19 years Helge Maus, head of pixeltrain, works in the creative industry as a trainer, consultant and author. Because of his many years of production and training experience, his work as a freelancer for Adobe Systems in the fields of motion and multimedia and his regular participation in beta programs particularly Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects, he is constantly dealing with the latest technologies and developments.

Helge Maus also travels to agencies, industrial clients and 3D/VFX studios around the world to train the staff in skills and compositing techniques as well as to improve the facility's production pipeline productivity. (Travel costs are included in the offer.)


Your pixeltrain training is available in many flavors. Choose the one that suits you best:

>> In-House Training

>> Training in the pixeltrain studio

>> Online-Training

>> pixeltrain's VFX-Academy


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pixeltrain's skills

Long-time industry expert Helge Maus and his team of pixeltrain offer you functional knowledge in the areas of 3D Visualization & 3D Animation, Motion Design, Compositing and VFX.


In this process industry-specific solutions such as

>> sideFX Houdini FX, Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya and Blender 3D

3D & VFX Compositing
>> Foundry NUKE, Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio und Adobe After Effects

Motion Design, FUI & HUDs
>> Maxon Cinema 4D mit X-Particles & Cycles 4D, sideFX Houdini FX, Adobe After Effects

VFX & Simulation, Terrains, Oceans, Crowds
>> sideFX Houdini FX

Character & Animation Workflow
>> sideFX Houdini FX, Blender 3D, Autodesk Maya & Maxon Cinema 4D

Real-time Visualization, VR, AR and Real-time Filmmaking
>> Epic Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Substance Painter & Designer

Photorealistic & NPR Rendering:
>> Chaosgroup V-RAY (Houdini | Maya), Pixar RenderMan (Houdini | Maya), Cycles & Eevee (Blender | C4D), Corona


We do not only train "tools", but their practical application in professional workflows.

Take advantage of our efficient integration of know-how in the areas of training, consulting or production.



what pixeltrain offers

In addition to in-house trainings pixeltrain offers consulting concerning the use of various software packages on the fields of 3D, VFX and Compositing and support for your individual projects.

By means of individual business trainings of your team, rapid response in case of problems, as well as outsourcing and acquisition of project components, pixeltrain helps you to realize your digital visions for your customers.


Looking forward to training you soon!

Helge Maus and his pixeltrain-Team




// In cooperation with MAXON Cinema 4D, Helge Maus and pixeltrain have produced the following 

New Features tutorials for release 20


// Topics of the Video-Tutorials:

Multi Instances, Motion Tracker, Volume Modeling, ProRender, Fields and the Node based Material System










Would you like to stay in contact with us? We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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 Maxon Certified Lead Instructor | Helge Maus